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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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Our proceedings & hope'd we would
not think of leaveing them to themselves
for that would make his mind very uneasy
& he hop'd we would not tell the speech of that
young Chief to the Counsel at Philadelphia

for altho. he had got liberty from the Other
Chiefs to make such a speech, it was by
importunity, and was very contrary
to their wishes -- but if we did speak of
it to our friends at Philadelphia we must
also tell them what he had now told us -

He also told us he was very desirous to
have one of his children educated with
our friends, and taught the same
ways and some thoughts of the Quakers --
& wish'd us to give him a grant that it
should be so educated when it was old
enough it being now but two years
old -- This request we could not com
ply with, as we told him it was uncer-tain
whether any friends would remain at

so long a time --- He appeard
to be a sober sensible Man, said he
was very desirous to become a good
farmer, we understand has a good deal
of money, and shew'd us several deeds,
he had forlots of Ground he had purcha-
sed from the White people in some