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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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of the villages down the River ---


The Morning fair about seven Oclock we
took leave of our friends at Tunesassa

and set
out for Cataraugus Jacob Taylor accompanying
us -- We rode up the river to Tusquirewuhty
valley near to the upper settlement of Indians
& as we past along a number of them came
out to bid us farewell - & many of them
were at work in the woods mauling rails
Clearing Land &c -- We also saw a number
of large Cornfields we had not observ'd on
our way down the River -- & several houses
Building -- John Peirce (whose Indian
name is Tus,sky) is building a house
at the Cold Spring of an elegant construction
being two stories high - weather boarded on
the outside & intended to be seald within --
John Bell is employ'd in doing the Carpen-
ter work for him & in his speech to us at the
Counsel the 16th instant he told us "that he
had a job of work in hands now with which
he thought the great Spirit would be
well pleas'd" -- Leaveing the Allegany
River we rode up this valley on a new
road cut by the holland Company