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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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have occur'd among the Allegany

for two or three years past - towards
the Close of our last interview I observ'd
to them "the satisfaction I felt in seeing
the happy change had taken place among
them in this respect, that when I and
my companions first came among them
& setled at Genesinguhta it was disagre
able being in their Towns
on account of the Liquor -- that now I
could see them at work on their farms,
Building houses, & clearing Land but then it
was common to see them in their Towns
several of their old people in a huddle
together, trying to prop one another from
falling" -- One of the Old Women
who was present - cry'd out in the Coun-
sel & said "that was the truth" ---

In the Course of this day an Indian chief call'd
Jacob Snow

(with Captain Bone & several
others) came to see us & said he was not satis
fied with the Speech Silverheels made to
us at the Counsel, & that the Indians in
general was much displeas'd with it
that most of them was well satisfied with