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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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&c in abundance -- We also saw some
lots sow'd with Timothy -- They appear'd to
be clearing more land in many places some of
which is intended to be put in, with Wheat
this fall -- They have a good stock of Cattle
and abundance of Swine -- They have several
horses among them, but the greater part
of their farming is done Drawing Logs
&c is done with Oxen -- Their improve-
ment in divers respects since I left them, has
rather exceeded my expectation & quite
equal to any improvement I have observ'd
in any of the new settlements made by
Whites in the same length oftime, & their
houses better put up, & fences in a general way
far superior to those made by White set-
lers in the Back parts of Pensylvania

York States. Their continued resolutions
against the use of Spiritous Liquors af-
-fords an encourageing prospect, that friends
Labour among them has been peculiarly blest.
Several Old Men whom I well knew had former
been very much addicted to drinking and
generally intoxicated when they could
obtain Liquor, is now become sober &
industrious, & very few Instances of intoxication -