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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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we thank the Great Spirit that we
are all well, and that he has given us
a fine clear day to meet together --

Yesterday you told us all
the Speech you brought from the
counsel at Philadelphia

, and we thank
our friends for it, especially our Old
friend John Parrish, as it was likeing
shakeing hands together with both
men and Women -- You told us
to Open our ears and listen to all you
say -- now we hope you will make
your minds easy, as we have but a few
words to say -- You say you have
often heard how we on Alligany
are increasing in industry, and
that you also heard our continued
resolutions against the use of spirit
-ous Liquors, and you hope we would
not let it rise again, you wish your
words might sink deep in our hearts.

We are now all together