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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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we said nothing more about it for three
years, to see whether you were our friends
or not -- You also brought tools on
for us to work with in which we found
a great advantage -- we then began to
improve and do much better than before.
You then wish'd to instruct our chil-
dren to read and write - this we could
not agree too because our people were
then so fond of hunting & they would
take their wives & children into the
woods with them you must not think
hard of this -- In our counsels with
you at that time Cornplanter

your speeches without consulting us,
but it is not so now, we are all
agreed to what we say ---


, generally called Blacksnake
then arose and made reply to the address
the Committee had sent with us,
nearly as follows --

Brothers the Quakers,
We expect it is the
mind of the Great Spirit that we have
met together in Counsel to day, and