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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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and divided it would weaken them,
and either part would be easy broken
like a stick split into many pieces --

After being inform'd we had
done speaking, they confer'd a while
together and one of the Chiefs inform'd
us it would take some time to consider
of a reply, and that they would meet
us in counsel tomorrow about noon &
answer our Speeches --


(tho' not esteemd as a
chief at this time) made a short speech
to the Indians directing their attention
to what we had said to them and told
them it was all right and true - he
being then on his way to Buffalo took
leave of us for the present -- We sent infor-
-mation by him to the Chiefs of Catarau-
gus village
that we expected to be there
in a few days and would wish to
see them --

This was the largest Counsel I had
ever been at among them, A number
of their principal Women attended
and the Indians in general appear'd