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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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At a Meeting of the Committee 10 mo 15th 1812

Present Members
Isaac Tyson

Caleb Bentley Henry Mills
& John Ellicott were appointed to examin
and adjust the Treasurer a/c and report to
the next Meeting of the Committee

George Ellicott

Thomas Moore Andw.
& P. E Thomas were appointed to prepare
a report to the Yearly Meeting now
siting and report to the next Meeting of
the committee
Then adjourned to this
evening at 7o'clock when the committee
again met present 20 members and our
friend Rowland Green from the Yearly
Meeting of Rhode Island

The friend appointed to examine
the Treasurer a/c produced the folowing

We the Committee appointed to
settle the Treasurer a/c report that we
have examined the same and find in his
hands a Balance of $1972 53/100 exclusive of
$196 68 1/4/100 in the hands of Henry Mills

& 118
Shares of Union Bank Stock. The a/c of
Jonathan Wright being yet unsetld

Balto. 10 mo 15 1812
Isaac Tyson
C. Bentley
Henry Mills
J. Ellicott