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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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the sub committee were diricted to to write
to Jonathan Wright

and request him
to engage on behalf of this committee
a suitable person to take the management
of them until the Indians shall have
become sufficiently instructed to do
it themselves, and to draw upon our
treasurer for such amount as may
be necessary to cover the expences
that may be incured, and also the
amount yet unpaid towards the mills

Henry Mills

, William Wood &
Horton Howard were appointed to
make another visit to the Delawares
near Mohicken Johns lake and left
at liberty to furnish such further
assistance to them as may be expedient
Then adjourned

At a Meeting of the Committee on Indian
concerns held 11 mo 15 1811

present 10 members &
(Quaitawaippai) Captain Lewis

, a chief of the
Shawanese nation, at the Mingo Town

Captain Lewis

stated that he had several times