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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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The following report to the Yearly
Meeting was agreed on

To the Yearly Meeting now Sitting.

The Committee appointed on Indian Concerns have agreed to in-
form, that since our report of last year, we have continued our atten-
tion to the object of our appointment. No opening having presented
to renew our efforts in favour of the Indians residing at Dennis's Sta-

on the Wabash, we have confined our assistance to the settlement
of Shawaneese, at Wapakonetta, and the Delaware towns near Mo-
hickon-John's Lake

Agreeably to the prospect held up in our last report, a deputation
from our number have made a visit to the settlement at Wapako-

, and upon confering with the Chiefs and others, found the manx-
iously desirous to receive assistance from Friends ; and particularly
to be aided in putting up a Grist and Saw Mill at their town. Upon
examining the seat, it was found not to be so eligible as one could
have been desired ; but, as it appeared to be the best in that neighbour-
hood, it was finally concluded to erect a Grist and Saw Mill there.
Workmen have accordingly been engaged, and are now employed in
erecting them, under the personal superintendence of one of our Com-
mittee, by whom we are informed, that it is expected they will both be
completed in the course of the present season. We may also inform,
that the accounts which have reached us from these Indians, represent
them as generally industrious, and disposed to cultivate their lands ;
divers of them having already been cleared and in cultivation, as much
ground as furnishes an abundant sufficiency of grain for the use of
their own families. And it is hoped that when their Mills shall have
been completed, this disposition will more generally spread amongst

Another deputation from our Committee have also made a visit to
the before mentioned settlements of Delawares

at Greens-town and
Jerome's-town, near Mohickon-John's Lake. They found these In-
dians industriously disposed, and earnestly desirous of receiving some
assistance from Friends. They were accordingly furnished with such
implements of husbandry as their situation appeared to require, and a
young man of our Society, of exemplary habits, was procured, who re-
sided several months with them, and assisted them in preparing their
tools, and putting in their crops. Several of them have learned to
plough their lands ; and it is hoped that the assistance already furnish-
ed will be of essential service to them.

We may further add, that the late disturbances amongst the Shawa-

at Wapakonetta and its vicinity, which so long interrupted our
operations, have nearly subsided.

Upon examining the Treasurer's Accounts, we find balance in his
hands of 1287 dollars 53 cents, exclusive of the principal of the do-
nation from our Brethren of Great Britain

. The expenditures now
accruing in the improvements at Wapakonetta not having been
drawn for.

Signed on behalf of the Committee.
Philip E Thomas, Clerk.
Baltimore, 10 mo. 17th, 1811.

Then adjourned to the 28th Inst.

when the
Committee again met present 16 members

It being expected that the Grist & Saw
Mills which were undertaken to be put up
for the use of the settlement of Indians
at Waupaukanetta

will be compleated
with in the course of the present season