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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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ultimately be crowned with success

We have since the last yearly meeting recd.
from the meeting for sufferings of Phila.

additional sum of $4694 44/100 which they had
alloted to us as our proportion of the money
raised by our brethren of Great Britain and
remited to them for the purpose of aiding the
exertions of Friends in America in promoting
the civilization and improvement of the
Indians, this with the money before recd. has
been invested in Stock and is held in Trust
for the use of the Committee
We have examined the Treasurer a/c and
find in his hands a Balance of $1476 59 Exclu
sive of the amount of Stock held by the

Signed by direction &on behalf
of the Committee By P.E Thomas Clk to
the Committee
10 mo 11 1809

Then adjourned until the 12 Inst.

at the 6th
hour in the evening

when the committee again
met present 24 members and our friend Charles

from the Yearly Meeting of Philadelphia

The situation of that portion of the Dela

Tribe of Indians residing near Mohicken
Johns Lake
being again brought into view and