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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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to interdict the future transportation of that
article into their country, which petition
they forwarded to us and at the same time
solicited the aid of Friends in promoting such
measures as might hereafter relieve them from
the dreadful consequences of this great distroyer
amongst them

The committee taking into consideration
the destructive effects which during
their intercourse with the Indians
they had observed to flow from their excessive use
of spiritious liquors, and which had greatly
paralised every exertion for their improvement
were unanimously of the opinion that it
became their duty to pay such attention to
the application received as might hereafter tend
to relieve these unhappy people from the
calamities and distresses which they were suffering
from distilled spiritous liquors. We accordingly
presented the memorial of the Indians to the
President of the U.S. who readily engaged to use
his influence with the Government of Ohio

and of Territories of Indiana & Michigan
from whence the Indians principally drew
their supplies of this article, to obtain
such relief and could be procured. The
committee also with the concurence of the