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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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paid into the county treasury, and the per
son so offending shall moreover forfeit the
article of whatsoever nature or kind he she
or they have received in exchange which
shall be restored to any Indian or Indians
claiming the same n giving satisfactory
proof to any justice of the peace or judge
of any court within this state that the
articles so claimed are actually the proper
ty of the Indian or Indians who make
the claims and all grand jurors justices
of the peace &c. are hereby authorized and
required to be aiding and assisting in car
rying this law into effect- This act shall
be in force from and after the first day
of June next-

Alexander Campbell speaker of the House of Representatives
Thomas Kirker speaker of the senate
Feby 11th 1809

Then Adjourned

At a meeting of the committee on Indian
concerns 10 mo 10 1809

present 20 members and our
friend Samuel Emlen

from the yearly meeting of

Geo Ellicott

P.E. Thomas C. Bentley, Horton
, David Grave, Henry Mills & Jesse Hughes
were appointed to examine & adjust the Treasurers
accounts & prepare a report to the Yearly Meeting