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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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and nothing bad

Brothers! This is not the first time that I have
heard you speak as you now speak; when you
spoke these words to us some years ago we then
answered you

Brothers! when you first spoke to us you
pointed to us the deplorable situation of our
people, in a striking manner. you enumerated
these great evils which were amongst us,
amongst others, you mentioned that of spiritous
liquors which daily destroys us

Brothers! we believed at that time, that you
were perfectly sensible of our situation. we told
you that the evils that existed amongst us
occasioned by strong drink, were too heavy for us to
remove, and we told you that if you really
were concerned, as we believed you to be, in
wishing us well, you would assist us in geting
clear of this great evil

Brothers! we told you, that we could not
restrain our young men from drinking spiritous
liquors, but that we believed, that as the white
people were the makers of this great evil, they
could keep it out of the way of our people, so
that they could get none

Brothers! You say that you went with us to
the seat of Government and that a stop was
put to the introduction of liquor amongst us
as we wished. But brothers I have never seen this
except in the neighbourhood of Fort Wayne

; there
only our young men have not been able to get