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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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dispense with. I am not now prepared to say
anything more to you, but shall carry home
to my people all that you have said to us

Then adjourned until tomorrow morning

at the 10th Hour

when the committee again met
present 8 members

The friends appointed to examine & adjust the
acct. of the expences incured by John Shaw & Isaac
reported that they had attended to the
service & find a balance due them of $405 36/100
which the Treasurer was directed to pay

Then adjourned until tomorrow evening

at the 6th Hour

when the committee again
meet present 12 members & the Little Turtle
the principal Chief of the Miamy nation
of Indians

The Turtle was informed that we having for several
years carried on our operations on the Wabash &
so instructed our brothers there, that we hoped
they would before long be in a situation to do
without much assistance from us, we therefore began
to think of turning our views to some other Towns
and it was our wish to know, if it was his
desire we should render any aid to his vallage

In reply he made many expressions of thanks
and of his sense of our kindness, and the benefits
those of his people whom we had had under our care
had derived from our aid, He also stated his entire
conviction of the correctness of our ideas respecting