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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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will get their eyes open so that they may see and
their hearts made good, that they may be willing
to do the things that are best for them.

Brothers we decided to visit several of your towns
but there fell so much rain that the waters
were made high & the roads so bad we thought
we could not come-

Brothers we were very sorry to hear that some
of our red brothers still drink too much Whisky
we wish to persuade you to look at it and see
how much harm it does you, you may be sure
that the man who lets you have it is not your
friend, but your enemy who will cheat you who
will destroy you.

In order Brothers to convince you that what
we say is true we will read to you part of a
talk of one of your Chiefs spoke to the Quakers in

a few years ago: the speech was then read.

Brothers we wish you to remember that you
have requested us to show you how to work, we
have sent men for that purpose not merely to work
for you, but to show you how to work for yourselves
If you intend still to endeavour to learn & wish
them to continue to instruct you we want you to
tell us so. If you say you do not desire it we will
take our young men away-

This was all they had to say to the Indians until
they received their answer Elisha Tyson

rose &
observed that you have heard what your Chiefs
have said some years ago that they had applied
to their father the President of the United States