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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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was read & interpreted. The committee then proceeded
to read speeches delivered at different conferences
held at Baltimore

on the 26th & 27th of the 12th mo
1801 between the society of friends & the little
Five medals Tuthinipee &c. &c. which were
also interpreted first in Miami & afterwards in
Potowatomic by the interpreter at the US.

They were then reminded that the
speech on spirituous liquors delivered at Balto.

by the
little Turtle which had just been read pointed out
the evil effect of spirituous liquors on the Indians
and its destruction was likewise at this time noti
ced. At length, the following written communi
cation from Elisha Tyson James Gillingham
David Grave & Benjamin Iddings was then
delivered to them-

Brothers of the Miami & Potowatomic Nations

we have come at the request of our Brothers the Quakers
of Baltimore

to see you & take you by the hand
and have read their talk to you & we are glad
to see you here at this time-

Our two Brothers David Grave

& Benjn Iddings
who are now present felt so much love for you that
they were willing to accompany us into you Country
to see how you did & how you were learning to till
the grounds & raise grain & cattle for food for
yourselves your wives & your children.

Brothers, we thank the great spirit for bring
ing us safe to you. we have been at Dennis’s

on the Wabash & were glad to see that
some of our red Brethren are likely to do well there
and hope that they & all the rest of our red Brothers