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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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situation whilst in your country as comfortable as you
can they are our brothers in whom we can confide and we
request that you will receive whatever they may have to say
as coming immediately from us

Brothers We have desired them to visit as many of you
as they can, in order to council with you & Should they
not be able to stay in your Country until the meeting
of your general council we have instructed them to
leave this address & get your Brother Wm Wells

or some
other person to communicate it to you

Brother You will remember that about 6 years
ago the Little Turtle

Five Medals & some other chiefs of
your nation visited our country at which time they
and your brothers the quakers of Baltimore had an
opportunity of taking each other by the hands.

Brethren These Chiefs having in the course of their
journey seen how much more comfortably the white
people lived than their Red Brethren, were led to
inquire by what means they might on their return to their
own Country be enabled to procure for their people the
same comforts which they saw in the families here

Brethren Your brothers the quakers of Baltimore

a talk which they then had with them explained to them
the means by which we obtained these things- we told
them that it all came out of the grounds and that it
was by cultivating our lands that we were enabled to got

Brothers These chiefs then told us that it was their
wish to obtain for their Women & children the same comforts
and that they would on their return home turn their
attention to the cultivation of their lands and for the
purpose of aiding you we procured and forwarded
to fort wayne

the next summer to the care of Wm Welles
for your use some ploughs Harness for horses axes Hoes &

Brothers You afterwards informed us that you had rcd
these implements of Husbandry, and that it was your wish