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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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Brothers remember as we have before said
we want nothing from you for our services. We dont
want any of your lands.
Brothers there is one thing more which we
cannot omit mentioning to you, It is respecting
spiritous liquors. We intreat it of you not to
suffer any of that pernicious article to be brought
into your Towns. For we conceive it to be one of the
greatest evils that ever was introduced into the World

Brothers many of the Red people as well as
the white, have lost their lives by making use of it
It will destroy your health it will destroy your senses
And it will disqualify you doing all good acts

For these reasons Brothers we hope you will
discontinue the use of it

Brothers we expect some of our friends will
be at your Villages this summer for the purpose of
seeing your situation, And giving you good advice,
If you should see them, we hope you will make them
as comfortable as you can

signed on behalf of the committee
Baltimore 3 mo 20th 1808
Evan Thomas Thomas Moore Geo. Ellicott Gerard T. Hopkins Philip Dennis Elias Ellicott Jesse Hughes Caleb Bently To the Miamy Puttowattomy & other nations of Indians
near fort Wayne

Brother We have prevailed on our Brothers Elisha

& James Gillingham & D. Graves to make you a visit
and take you by the hands on our behalf. they will
have a long distance to travel but we hope they will be
able to give you such advice as will if attended to be of
great service to you and that you will make their