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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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to make use of them but that you did not know
how to begin in the cultivation of your lands, and
invited us to send some of our friends into your country
to see your situation, and to give you such instruction
as might be necessary

Brethren In consequence of this request and the
friendship which we had for our Red Brethren we did
in the succeeding summer prevail on some of our friends to make
you a visit and one of them remained with you during
the season, to teach you the use of the tools we take hold
of and put you in a way to provide for yourselves your
women &Children, the many necessaries they were in need of

Brethren It is now several years since we first took
each other by the hands- we have during all this time
been endeavouring to draw your attention to the cultiva
tion of your lands, and have several summons sent
some of our friends to stay with you to give you the
necessary instruction

Brethren when our friends first went into your
country they requested such of your Cheifs as were
present to point out the most suitable place to begin
the improvement these chiefs said it had better be at
neither of their villages and after consulting together fixed
on the Wabash and pointed out a particular spot, which
they wished us to to commence the reasons which they gave
for that being the most proper place was that the river
was navigable and a public road passed by this place
on the bank of it, it was of course the most public spot
they could point out which had equal advantages of
soil and would afford many of your your young men
as they passed by an opportunity of learning from the
example set them, and accordingly the settlement was
commenced and has been continued at that place
ever since: it has been our intention after our Red
brethren who have removed to reside at Dennis station
shall have become so advanced as to be able to proceed
without the aid of further instruction from us to
propose to your chiefs to take into consideration if they
wish us to extend assistance to any other place & if they
should conclude to request it leave them at liberty
to propose such other spot as they may prefer.