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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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Friends! I approve greatly of your charitable
intentions towards the Indians, and applaud your
benevolent and disinterested exertions to civilize
them. ALl to whom I have mentioned the
contents and letter express great satisfaction in
the same. It is particularly wished that the
friends might obtain a footing and an influence
amongst the Indians, as their precepts and exam-
ples are powerfully, pointed against the
characteristic and predominent Indian vices —
idleness — intemperence — and war

Of all Christian denominations you appear
to understand the right method of accomplishing
the object long wished for and sought by pious
people towards the Indians and are going the right
way to work, for it is an indubitable truth that
they must be civilized by Agriculture &c. before they
can be efficiently benefited in their religion
or morals — I have a plan in my mind which
I have long cherished, and am the more convinced
in its eligibility since I have had an opportunity
to become acquainted with the Indians in this
Country — extending perhaps a little beyond what you
may have contemplated, but substantially founded
on the same principles, but which you appear to be
governed in your efforts towards them, I will
take the liberty to make it known to you soon requesting