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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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as being calculated to promote your real interests

Brothers—We hope that many of your people, will
be disposed to join our young men in taking
hold of the plough, the Hoe, the Axe, and other
implements of husbandry, so that the production
of the Earth under the blessing of the great Spirit
may be made abundant and the next Winter be
a winter in which your Cabbins may be filled with
plenty. Having nothing further to add at present

we conclude with the expression of sincere desires
for the welfare of your chiefs and old men—your
young Men—your Women & your children
Signed on behalf of the Committee on
Indian Concerns 3 Mo 12 1806 By
Evan Thomas Elisha Tyson Geo Ellicott Gerard T. Hopkins Andrew Ellicott Jr. Isaac Tyson P. E. Thomas

The following letters from Stanley Grissold

of the Michigan Teritory were received and refered to
Gerard T. Hopkins George Ellicott Andrew Ellicott Jr.