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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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From a committee of the Society of Friends
of Baltimore, appointed to promote the Welfare of
our Indian Brethren
To the Little Turtle, Five Medals, Legrie
& Tuthinipee
Brothers and Friends

It has been very pleasing to
us, to be informed of the progress made by our
Red brethren in the cultivation of the Earth.
You remember, brothers, we have before told you
that amongst other advantages, the cultivation
of the Earth will lead you to have fixed homes
that you will build comfortable dwelling Houses
and will live in ease and plenty—All this we
hope you are begining to see is true—As a
proof of the continuance of our sincere desire
for your welfare, we now send to succeed Philip

Two of our beloved young men, William
who is one of our committee and his brother
Mahlow Kirk, to reside with you during the
summer, They are desired by us to render you all
the assistance and information in their power, in
order to promote your welfare. We believe bro-
thers, that you will make their situation a-
mongst you as comfortable as circumstances will
admit of and hope that you will be disposed to
regard the instruction which they may offer you