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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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We may also inform you that from information
which we have received, the Delaware, Miamie & Eal river
nations are entitled to an annuity from government
of 1000 dollars each, which has hitherto been paid to
them in goods. They have requested at their last
Council that this sum may be expended in the
employment of suitable persons to instruct them
in the arts of civil life. The Wyandots have also
requested, that their annuity may be paid them in
young Cattle, this information is pleasing to us, as
it in a considerable degree shews the sincerity of
their professions of willingness to abandon their present
mode of life for one from which every comfort may
be expected with much greater certainty

We may Remark also that we at the present
time have only given assistance to the Miami & Eal
Nations and from the limited state of our
friends, we are fearful we shall not be competent
to extend it as far as might be desirable, amongst
many of the other Nations.

With a hope that our mutual efforts
may be productive of the desirable end we are
aiming at we are your friends
Signed on behalf of the Committee
By P. E. Thomas Clerk
Balt. 10 Mo. 17. 1804