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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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To the Committee on Indian affairs app-
ointed by the Yearly Meeting of Philadelphia
Dear Friends

The committee on Indians concerns
appointed by the Yearly Meeting of Baltimore

being of opinion that a reciprocal advantage
would arrise and their wishes be promoted by
a free correspondence with other committees of
the same nature have for this reason written to
you at the present time and also being fully
persuaded that the great work we have in hand
may be better accomplished by an union of
sympathy & sentiment, than perhaps it could by
either committee alone

In the progress of the arduous undertaking
of assisting the Indian natives in agriculture &
other useful arts of civil life this committee
have sent several deputations of its members
into their Country first to ascertain their disposi-
tions & wants & after that to render them such
assistance & instruction as was in our power, &
we have the satisfaction to inform that from
the report of the last of those deputations, our
efforts are like to be crowned with as much success
as (from the means in our power to employ) we had