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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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the subject were united in judgement that a visit to
them would be the best means to obtain a knowledge
of their disposition & appointed Geo. Ellicott

T. Hopkins
, Joel Wright & Elisha Tyson to that service
and requested them to proceed therein as soon as conve-
nient—they were also authorised to take one or more
suitable persons with them to reside amongst the Indi-
ans, to instruct them in agriculture & other useful
arts. The two first named friends attended to the
service and produced the following report—
[For which see their report Page 71 & sequel]

We have also examined our treasurers acc.
and find a balance remaining in his hands of $402 29/100
Signed on behalf of the committee

Then adjourned to the 8th hour this evening

Evan Thomas Edward Stabler David Graves Jonas Cattell Baltimore 10 Mo 17. 1804

The committee again met
present 7 Members

The friends appointed to prepare a com-
munication to the committee on Indian concerns
under appointment of the Yearly Meeting

of Phi-
ladelphia produced the following which was approved
and directed to be signed & forwarded by the clerk