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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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in the amount thereof expended in the employment
of suitable men to assist them in building comfortable
dwelling houses and making fences &c. we apprehended
plainly shews their disposition — Under all circumstances
we are of the sentiment that there is cause of encou-
-ragement to Friends and think with the Little Turtle

as expressed in his reply to our address that their
changing their present mode of living is a work
that cannot be done immediately, but that a number
of the Indians are that way disposed and we hope it
will take place gradually. Geo. Ellicott
10 Mo 16 1804 Gerard J. Hopkins

Which being read the committee generally
expressed their satisfaction and concurance with their

The following friends are appointed to examine
the Treasurers acct. and prepare a report to be laid
before the yearly meeting and produce it to a future
siting of the committee to wit George Ellicott

Gerard T.
, Evans Thomas, Thomas Moore, Edward Stabler &
Philip E. Thomas

It appearing to the committee that a corres-
pondence being opened with the friends under appoint-
ment of the Yearly Meeting of Philadelphia on Indian

would tend to promote the object of our mu-
tual concern the following friends are therefore app-