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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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He also observes that the Eal river Indians

(a tribe
of the Miami Nation) intend to settle on the wabash
at Dennis’ station.

From the foregoing the committee may form
an opinion of the situation & disposition of the Mi-
-ami Delaware

& Eal river Indians — from what we
observed & from information received whilst in the
Indian Country, but little can very soon be expected
from the Pottowattomies and the other nations of
Indians residing to the N. & W of them they being
more remote from the white setlers and their country
better for fishing and hunting they do not feel the
same necessity to turn their attention to the cultivation
of the Earth

The committee may observe by the
speech of Toethteboxhe

that the Delawares are desirous
of assistance — We frequently whilst amongst the
Indians were informed that as much may be expected
from them as from any of the Indians — many of
them from having formerly near the white setlers in
in Pennsylvania speak our language and are par-
-tial to our manners and customs

We were also informed that the shawanese

-siding on the Auglaize river are making some
progress in civilization we were told that some of
them had 40 head of cattle and make butter & chuse

The Delawares Miamies

& Eal river Indians
requesting of the government to have their annuities