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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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had spoken on different subjects—The little Turtle
spoke as follows

To the Quakers of Baltimore
My Brothers & Friends
We were glad to see our friends
that came from you better than 2 moons ago, we
were glad to find it had pleased the great spirit
to keep you in the same mind you were in when
we spoke to you in Baltimore

Brothers & Friends
I told you when you delived
your speech to us at this place I was sorry there
were not more of our people convened to hear you
I told you your brothers were thankful for the
Tools of agriculture you sent for us to the care
of William Wells. I told you my brothers, that
your talk should be delivered to all your red
brethren on their first meeting at this place

Your talk was delivered to us by
our friend Wm. Wells two days ago you will see
the answer to it of out grandfathers made yesterday
which informs you we are thankful for the kindness
you offer, and it is their wish you would continue
your kindness towards them. We the Miamies &
Pottowattomies also take you by the hand & assure
you we thank you for the goodness you have had in
offering to afford your red brethren assistance—a thing
they are so much in need of