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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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wish to make. When a letter from the Society of
friends at Baltimore

in Maryland was produced
read and interpreted wherein it appeared that
George Ellicott & Gerard T. Hopkins were appointed
to come and visit the Indians on their behalf a
written speech of the said George Ellicott & Gerard T. Hop-
was then produced read and interpreted to
all the different nations present, after some observations
made by Buckingchelas and the little Turtle the Council

adjourned to tomorrow

June 14

Council opened agreeable to
adjournment present the same as yesterday—after
several chiefs had spoken to different matters relative
to their Nations Toethteboxe

spoke on behalf of the
Delawares thus

For many years before I came into the
world the white people have offered to us what you
now mention and it appears that our eyes were never
opened before now"—addressing himself to the Indians—
“my grandchildren listen to what I am now going
to say to our fathers. Three years ago we were invited
to a council at Vincennes

by Governor Harrisson he
told us listen and I will speak about the way we
have been brought up, my brothers let us go together as
one people and we will hand to you our way of
living, I told him this was several times he had