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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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mentioned this to us, now will take hold of it
and receive it. I told him we wanted it soon
as I was an old man and wanted to see it before
I died, if once I see it I will die in pleasure to
think I have left my women & children in comfort
one year ago from this my grand children the
Mohickenany came to renew their friendship with us
Hendricks told us they had brought what the white
people had put into their hands, when it was
given to us it gave us great pleasure and we thought
of our grandfathers and have brought it to you
one year ago Governor Harrisson at this place was
talking to us on the same subject. I told him I
had consented to it at Vincennes three years ago &
would never change my mind—now again
yesterday you have told us the same thing—I have
consented to it and will never alter my mind. I
have now answered you again I wish you to begin
immediately and afford us the assistance you offer
us by building us houses and fences after which we
can cultivate our Lands—I will never change my
mind—it is all I have to say

Some others then spoke on different subjects when
the council adjourned until tomorrow

June 15

Council opened, present
the same as yesterday. After several of the chiefs