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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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duction of agriculture and some other useful arts of
Civil life, part of the little Turtles

reply being as

Brothers & Friends
It is the real wish of your
brothers the Indians to engage in the culture of our
lands, and although the Game is not yet so scarse
but that we can get enough to eat. We know
it is becoming scarce and that we must begin to take
hold of such tools as we see are in the hands of the
white people.

The second conference was on the subject of the intro-
duction and excessive use of Spirituous liquors among
the Indians. To this the little turtle

made a pathetic
and lengthy reply, part of one paragraph being as

My Brothers & Friends
I am glad that you have
seen into this business as we do. I rejoice to find that you
agree in opinion with us and express an anxiety to be if possible
of service to us to remove this great evil our of our country,

An evil that has had so much room in it. That has
destroyed so many of our lives. That it causes our young
men to say, We had better be at war with the white people,
this liquor that they introduce into our country is more
to be feared than the Gun and the Tomahawk