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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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A letter being lately received from the agent of
Indian affairs at Fort wayne

containing a request of the
Indians to be informed what Congress have done res-
pecting some of the subjects of their communication
an answer being prepared was directed to be signed on
behalf of the Committee by Evan Thomas, George
& Joel Wright & forwarded with the papers
therein aluded to, they are also at liberty to call
a special meeting of such part of the Committee
as may be practicable should any opening to proceed
further in the business appear to them to make it
necessary previous to our next Yearly Meeting

Then Adjourned

At a meeting of the Committee on Indian Affairs held
at Baltimore 13. 10 Mon 1802

Present 9 Members

A report to the Yearly Meeting

was agreed on as

To the yearly Meeting now sitting

The Committee on Indian affairs agree to report
that divers of their number in company with other
friends have had since last year two conferrences with the
little Turtle

and some other principal Indian Chiefs
residing NW. of the river Ohio they being chiefs of those
Indians whom the Yearly Meeting had in contemplation
to adjust. The first conference was on the subject of the Intro-