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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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there are more of us dead since the treaty of Genville
than we last by the six years war before. It is all
owing to the Introduction of this liquor amongst us

And on a weighty consideration of this subject
the Committee believed it right to address the following
Memorial to Congress org.
For which see Page 55
which was favourably received and a law passed au-
thorizing the President to take such measures from time
to time as to him may seem expedient to prevent or
restrain the vending of distributing Spiritous Liquors
among all or any of the said Indian Tribes

On the subject of civilization the law states
that in order to promote civilization amongst the
friendly Indian Tribes and to secure the continuance
of their friendship it shall be lawful for the
President of the United States to cause them to be
furnished with useful domestic Annimals and
implements of husbandry and with Goods or Money
as he shall judge proper and to appoint such
persons from time to time as temporary agents to
reside amongst the Indians as he shall think fit
provided that the whole amount of such presents
and allowance to such agents shall not exceed $15000
Per annum

Some of the committee have also had an
opportunity with the Secretary of war, who now has the