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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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Then adjourned to the 5th hour this afternoon

About the time adjourned to the committee met and an essay of a communication to the
Indians being considered was agreed on being as
Follows To Tarhic Buckengihilas and other chiefs of
the Wyandot and Delaware Nation of Indians

You sent us a speech & Belt of Wampum
from your great council held last fall was 2 years
at Detroit

. In that speech you told us that then
was a Chain of friendship formed between your
forefathers and ours, that you were then told it
was a chain of precious metal, a chain of
silver that would never grow rusty and that it
would bind us in brotherly affection forever

Brothers We were glad to hear, that you still
keep in remembrance this agreement between your
grand fathers & ours when they first met on your
land on this great Island—ever since that time we
have held fast our end of this chain of friendship

Brothers In that speech you told us, that if any
amongst us were sent to visit you in your
tents the next summer that they would be likely
to go by San Dusky

and that you would then