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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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while we were amongst them, induces us to
wish friends may endeavour to keep under the
weight of the concern and be prepared to proceed
in this benevolent word whenever the way may
open for further service amongst them

Evan Thomas Joel Wright Rees Cadwalader Geo. Ellicott
Monongahela 6 Mo 26 1799

Having inspected the State of our Treasurers
Acc. we find then remains a balance in his
hands of $738 5/100

Signed on behalf of the Committee
By John Wilson
Israel Janney
10 Mo 16 1799
Then adjourned.
At a Meeting of the Committee 4 Mo 17 1801

present 6 Members*

After some time spent in a weighty consideration
of the subject of our appointment and the situation
of the business George Ellicott

Israel Janney & Joel
are appointed to prepare an essay of an
answer to the speech some time ago received
and produced it to a future sitting of the
there here appears to be a chasm of near 2 years in the
proceedings of this committee