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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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take them not only by the hand but by the arm
and conduct them safe to the grand Council
fire of your great Sasteretsy where every thing
good is transacted & nothing bad is permited to

Brothers We accordingly sent out some of
our friends about 2 years ago, these went as far
as upper San Dusky—you received them like brethren
but they found that they had got there too soon
for your great council and having little pro-
vissions for themselves & horses and not being accus-
tomed to live in the woods, they were discouraged
from proceeding any further and proposed to hold
a talk with some of your chiefs then present
these chiefs agreed to it and when they met our
friends made a speech to them and they ret.
an answer on 4 things of Wampum, but the
young man that talked between them, could not
speak plain and our friends were sorry they could
not fully understand what was said at that time
and expect that your Chiefs did not understand
what our friends said for they told us you intended
to send us soon the conclusion of your great

council respecting our business with you &
we have had no account from you since

Brothers They were also discouraged on account