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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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now in our Treasurers hands only amounting to about
854 Dollars.

Submitted to the Yearly Meeting and
signed on behalf of the committee
Balt. 10th Mo 10th 1797.
Geo. Ellicott Joel Wright James Mendenhall

Then Adjourned.

At a Meeting of the Committee at Baltimore the 12th
of the 10 Mo. 1797,

present 15 Members.

The account
of expences attending the late journey being produced
and admitted, amounts to L 38.6.4 the Treasurer of
the committee is directed to pay it out of the stock now
in his hands, On the consideration of a time to meet
the 4th our an 7th day P.M. preceding the Q. Meeting
at Balt

. in the 2 Mo. was proposed and agreed on—
with liberty for the Members of the committee who
live on the West side of the Allegany Mts. if they
should believe it necessary to call a Meeting at Pipe
sooner by notifying the members.

Then Adjourned

At a meeting of the Committee at Baltimore
in the 2nd Mon

, the number being too small to proceed
to procede to business adjourned to meet at Pipe Creek

in the 5th Mon next,