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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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After the aged chief had done speaking the
Governors letter and one from Friends in
Philadelphia was read and interpreted
to them which very much contradicted
their absurd belief in witchcraft which
seemed considerably to agitate the mind
of Cornplanter

, yet some others appeared
to receive it pretty well and appeared to
be somewhat ashamed for having before
entertained such foolish notions-
After the letters directed to the Senecas
were read Cornplanter insisted on having
those read, which were directed to the Mun
we informed him that the Governors
Letter was sealed and that we did not wish
to break it open, but if he had a mind
to open it we would read it at the same
time cautioning him against it but the
Governor or the Muncys might be displeased
Still the old man insisted upon opening the
letter and having it read which was done
he afterward signified that it should be burnt
for said he, it will do the Muncys more harm
than good- another Chief said he was not
of the same mind and he thought it would
be best for all the Chiefs to shead their sinti
ments on the occasion, that it was his mind
that it would be best for the letter to be
forwarded to them- it was afterwards agreed
that all the letters to both parties should
be explained to all the Seneca Chiefs at
Catterangus and Buffaloe, and then the Mun
letter carefully conveyed to them
the writing were according by forward
ed by the Onondago Chief how the matter will
end is uncertain