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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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supply of venison and fish which the Indians
killed by the way

An unfortunate circumstance happened among
a company of Indians that was lately hunting
on the waters of Beaver and had pitched this
tent near a white mans house who kept
Whisky to sell which occasioned some difference
between the White Man and one of the Indians
the White at length got other ruffians to assist
him in taking the lives of the Indians who
were not aprised of their intentions, in order to
prosecute their horrid plan they went to
the Indians camp with Guns and imediately
shot one of them dead on the spot another
seeing what was done immediately attem-
pted to make his escape with a child under
each arm but was followed by a ball which
wenet thro' his breast and thro' the shoul-
der of one of the Children and the wrist of
the other; one of the murderers is now
secured in Pittsburgh

in order for tryal-

1801 1 mo 25th

About this time considerable
uneasyness arose in the minds of some of the
Indians from being informed by a