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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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the Indians continued about 20 Days in their
usual mode of worship and dancing which
I shall probably describe at a future time
when I may have an opportunity of seeing

25th of 3rd month

By the arrival of T. King
from Philad. we this Day received several
Letters from our Relations and friends, amon-
gst which was one from the Committee on
Indian affairs

which amongst other things
contained the fllowing information viz
Various consideration has induced us to believe it
right to withdraw our friends from the
Oneida Nation, several of the Indians have
been instructed in the best mode of tilling
this Land, and two or three young men
have acquired so much knowlage in the
Smiths Business as to be able to do what
may be wanted in that line for the use
of the Nation, so that by a proper applica-
tion on their part, they will be assenti
ally benefited by the Labours bestowed on them
and that Jonathan Thomas & Jacob Taylor
neither of them felt released from further service
amongst the Nations, and that the Committee