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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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white children after some consideration we
complyed with her request and she left
her son with us-

10th of second month

About this time the
Indians collect'd together to perform their
half years devotion, at which times they
are mostly careful to collect all the Silver
tinkling ornaments, and fine apparel that
they are master of. I changed to see a broad-
cloth wrapper that belonged to one of our
neighbour women the lower end of which
contained 790 silver broaches which would
average at about one shilling a piece exclu-
sive of about 60 dols worth of silver crosses, the
upper end was faced with broad ribones
which was computed at about 15 dols price
the whole amount of the wrapper was es-
timated at 180 Dollars. Yet altho she had
abundance of superfluous clothing she lived
in a poor little dirty House. I was afterwards
informed that she obtained this pro
perty by selling whisky to other Indians,