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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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the way they take to get your money and
property from you, But if you keep to your
resolution not to drink it then there will
be no danger, You will then have money
to buy Oxen and ploughs to plow your ground
and raise a great deal of corn, and to buy Axes,
and hoes, and other useful articles to go to
farming with; And then when your
Brothers the Quakers hear that you are
trying to do good for yourselves and making
good use of your money it will encourage
them to help you more

Brothers we want you often to think on
the Great Spirit and to pray to him in your
Hearts and then he will show you what is
good and what is evil. And we desire
you to take up work like the white
people, for your land we believe is very
good and will produce a great deal of grain
if you are industrious; And when you get
plenty of cattle, Swine and Sheep they will
afford you plenty of meat and be much
easier taken than the Elk the Deer and