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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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come to a resolution to lay up so much of your
money in order to buy Cattle and other useful
articles, and that you are determined to quit
drinking whisky and not to allow any traders to
sell it on the ground- Now Brothers this
is a very wise resolution in you and we hope
you will be sincere and keep to it, we heartily
wish all the Indian tribes would join you in
driving Whisky and Rum out of the Land.
We hope some of you have got you Eyes opened
to see that Whisky and strong drink has been
the cause of much evil and wickedness amon-
gst you, and that it has taken away much of
your money, your skins, and your furs which
the Great Spirit has given you to buy blankets,
clothing, axes, hoes, and other useful articles
to assist you in tilling the field. And we fear
in time past it has taken away some of
the corn your poor Women has worked
hard at raising with their hoes-
Brothers you must know that there are many
white people that love money and they
know that you love Whisky and this is