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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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Dollars of their annuity to buy cattle and other
usefull articles, that they ware very anxious to
have their friends the Quakers to instruct and
assist them in building a Saw Mill, that they
were determined to throw up drinking whisky
and if any traders brought it amongst them they would
order them off the ground. We returned them
the following answer by the aforesaid Chiefs.

To the Chiefs and others of Cataraugus
Friends and Brothers

We received your
letter in company with one to Captain

and are glad to find that you got a
good understanding of what our friends
wrote to you at Buffalo Creek and that the
instruction they gave pleased you generally,
Now Brothers we did not see that speech
that our friends left at Buffalo Creek for you
but as you are determined to take their advice
and have already swallowed it down in your
breasts we hope you often remember and con-
sider it

Brothers we are glad to hear that you have