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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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7th of 10 mo

Henry Simmons

took his depar-
ture from Genesinguhta and set out for
his native land Cornplanter and one of
his men accompanying him as far as
Canadarque now were are left but two in
number about this time we killed
a fat hog and a very fat beef we have a
pretty plentiful supply of Corn and
Potatoes and some buckwheat have this
fall erected a small log barn and a smith
shop and seem to have things pretty plen-
tiful about us and we now begin to enjoy
the fruits of our labour from the field

28th of 12 mo

About this time two chiefs
came from Cataraughus

being on their way
to Cornplanter, Village who delivered us
a letter wrote on behalf of the Chiefs of that
Village informing that they had received letter
that was wrote and left at Buffalo Creek last
fall by Joshua Sharpless &c. which pleased them
generally, and that they intended to follow
the advice contained in it for they had
already swallowed it in their breath and Hearts
that they were going to lay up several hundred