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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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fraud or deception in us at all, but were
perfectly satisfied with our being am-
ongst them

On the first day following
we had a very satisfactory meeting in our
house at Genesinguhta

which was a
tendering time to me and I believe our
little assembly was livingly owned by
the true sheperd of Israel the silent

The next day Joshua Sharpless

fell through
a trap door in a cellar which stunned
him, so that he lay for a considerable time
before he came again to his senses, after he
had a little recovered we found that he
was not very badly wounded, tho we
were doubtful of his being able to tra-
vel next day which was the time appo-
inted for their departure, but they got
themselves in readyness (Joshua being anxious
for going) and took an affectionate farewell
opportunity with us and set off about noon
intending to go about 100 miles to the north into
upper Canada in order to pay a visit to
some of the scattering friends in that
quarter, they being on a committee appointed
by the Yearly meeting for that purpose