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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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and we would not have you get discouraged
at the labour it takes for if you will
clear a little more land every year and
fence it you will soon get enough to raise
what Bread you want as well as some
for grass to make hay for winter

Brothers we understand you are desirous to
discourage whisky from being brought among
you with which we are much pleased
and should be glad if you would entirely
keep it away, for to get it you give your
money which you should have to buy clothes
with and to buy Oxen and ploughs with
to work your land, and it does not do
you any good

After the foregoing writings wore
read one of our friends was favoured in
a lively manner to communicate
some suitable hints of advice to the Na-
tives well adapted to their present

Before the council ended Cornplanter

told our friends that he had made inquiry
concerning us, but could not find any fault