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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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a desire to be useful to them, and instruct them
in the cultivation of their Land, and wanted
nothing from them for our trouble. And
that our prospect was not confined to any
particular tribe of Indians, but were willing
(as much as lay in our power) to assist any that made
application to us, and that we did not wish to
go amongst them where the Chiefs and
leading Men were not willing to receive us, and
the reason we came to Cornplanter

's people was
that a general circulatory Letter had been
addressed and sent to these Nations of Indians
to know if any of them were desirous of having friends
to instruct their Children in the useful habits of
good and honest White people, Cornplanter
was the only Chief that consented to receive
us and therefore we came amongst his people
but that the way was still open for others to
make application, and if the Chiefs and
warriors of Cataraugus Village were desirous
of having any assistance from our society
and would send their minds to us in
writing we would forward it to our friends
in Philadelphia, and perhaps some assistance
would be given them-