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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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we then asked him if they were desirous
of aplying to our society or to the United States
To all which he replyed I am very
thankfull of an opportunity of such information
there is no people affords such encouragement
as you do. We have often heard from Corn-

that they had found you punc-
tual to your words in every thing you
told them in the begining, and that they
could not find the least fault with you
in any one thing. And now I hear
you with my own ears and believe what
you say, and am determined to apply
to you before any other People in the World
and as soon as I return home we will
hold a council and send our minds
to you in Writing for you to forward
to your Friends, And if any of your
People should come amongst us, they
shall have Land to settle on where ever
they want it, or anything that is ours that
they stand in need of.

16th of 4th month

we received the follow
ing Letter from the Cataraugus Indians

near Lake Erie-