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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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of their Land and thought it very good, and
well situated for cultivating, to which the chief
replyed, that him and his people
had it in contemplation for some time
past and was very desirous of being instructed
therein, that they had a prospect of building a Sawmill
and had come to a conclusion, that every young
man should advance a part of his annuity from
Government into the hands of a treasurer until
they had enough to build the Mill, that
they were very desirous of having some per-
son amongst them to instruct their children
but knew not where to apply, for when the
Quakers came amongst the Indians to settle

kept us among his people, and
now they saw and heard what we had done
here and that made them anxious to go
to work, but they wanted some tools to
go on with but ware not able to purchase
them; and if they should succeed in build-
ing the Saw Mill they would want some
instruction how to go on with it

We then
informed him of the motives of our society in
settling amongst Indians, that our prospect
was not from any lucrative views but from