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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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2nd month, first 1799

We received a letter
from T.W.

of Philadelphia expressive of a dis-
pensation of more general health in the City
than was experienced a few weeks past, but
that in the course of about three Months
3500 of his fellow Citizens were removed
from works to rewards, and many had
ended their lives in the adjacent Country
We also received one from J. Sharpless our
fellow traveler in the commencement of this
work, in which he expressed much love and
sympathy with us in our undertaking also
some pertinent communication concern-
ing the weighty business in which we
were ingaged, a circumstantial account of
the Yearly Meeting and the recent visita-
tion of sickness in Philadelphia and
parts adjacent-

19th of the month

Some Indian traders
called upon us for lodging, amongst whom
was the young War Chief of Catarugus

Village, one of the company being a good
interpreter we informed the Chief that one
of us had lately passed thro their Village
and taken a view of the situation of some of