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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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after the foregoing information they
seemed pretty well reconciled and began
to enquire if we had wives and children &c.

1798 21 of 11th mo.

About this time Henry Simmons

opened a School at Genisshadego which was
atended by several little boys who seemed very
anxious to learn the letter and very inquisitive
for knowing the english names of
things. Cornplanter bought 50lb. of flower
and 100lb. of Pork and some Vennison to acco
midate the School-master --

1799 20 of 1st month

had a visit from H Simmons
who informed us of the Death of Cornplanter

Daughter who had been a long time under a
consumption, the day of burial a few men and
a great number of Women collected to the house
of Cornplanter, the Men assisted in carrying the
corps to the grave, after the internment the
men withdrew and the Women returned
again to the House where they exhibited
a melancholy scene of mourning which lasted
several days, all kinds of the best provisions
that they could procure was brought to
entertain the mourners