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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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and against the use of strong Drink-
We informed him that we were glad to see
him and that he used so much freedom
in telling us his mind, that we expected
bfore we came to have many hardships to pass through &
therefore were prepared for them, but we had
found things much easier than we expected.
That the Indians were very kind to us and
as to their learning to work we thought
there was encouragement and were of the mind that their Children might be learned to
read and write; but we did not expect a
great change would take place very soon but
were willing to wait until the Indians saw
the advantage of a civilized life-
Next day they proceeded on to Cornplanters

Village where a large council was held &
all matters agreed on respecting the In-
dians reservation- A statement of which
out of R Morris's purchases as follows


- 2 square miles

Big Tree

- 2 square miles

Little birds town

- 2 square miles

Squawky hill

- 2 square miles


- 4 square miles


- 16 square miles


- 42 square miles


42 square miles




- 200 square miles