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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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and said he had somthing to tell us,
which was, that we had an arduous task
before us and must have many hardships
to pass through in the undertaking, he
also thought that the Indians could not easily
be brought off from their old habits and cus-
toms of living, and that the natural disposi-
tion in them would be hard to change-
and altho' he observed that many of
them were very active and with a little
instruction might learn to work well
yet they wanted tools to work with-
And as to teaching their Children to read
and write it was almost impossible unless
they understood the English language yet
he hoped we would be useful to them
and the tools we brought would be a great
help toward geting them to work And
that him and his people would wait to see
what progress these Indians would make in
the way of farming, and would be glad to
hear of our success in the business, and hoped
we would faithfully discharge our duty and
often caution the young Men to sobriety